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At Pure Roots, we believe true wellbeing comes from: wholesome food, movement, quality sleep, purpose, meaningful connection, and time spent in nature.

And more than ever before, it’s become critical that we take a preventative and holistic lifestyle approach, and prioritize our health (mind, body, and spirit) in this fast-paced, high wired, digital world we now live in.

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Meet Shelly

Shelly Rose

Shelly founded Pure Roots Nutrition in 2011 to help people take charge of their health and have the tools to live a vibrant, joy-filled life.

Meet Shelly


1-1 Customized Nutrition

1-to-1 Customized Nutrition

Cooking Classes

Nutrition Talks & Workshops

Nutrition Talks & Workshops

Outdoor Nutrition Classes

Outdoor Nutrition Classes

25-Day Guided Sugar Cleanse

25-Day Guided Sugar Cleanse

Grocery Store Field Trip

Veggie Vacation

The Pure Roots Journal

Holistic wellness advice, recipes, and cooking tips for a nourished life

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“I can’t say enough great things about Shelly! We are so lucky to have her unique expertise as a whole foods nutritionist as well as a Chef. She has helped me personally as well as many of my patients with improving their nutrition in the most delicious ways.”
Kristin A., Andrs Wellness Consulting
“Shelly’s practical, down to earth approach to good nutrition makes her very relatable and easy to follow.”
Michele M., Apex Systems, Inc.
“Shelly taught with kindness, grace and a deep understanding of the need to connect with one’s nourishment. Some people simply teach, but Shelly teaches and imparts bringing about true change.”
Joni C.
“I never knew that healthy food can be soooo delicious!”
Iryna H.

Giving Back

Each quarter, Pure Roots gives 5-10% of revenue from the seasonal guided sugar cleanses to action-oriented organizations that align with our values. These groups and non-profits include: the National Parks Conservation Association (NPCA), FeedMore, Shalom Farms, Blue Sky Fund, and others to be announced. Thank you for your part in supporting this important work.

Popular Questions

And answers.

Pure Roots is holistic and individualized. The focus is on “eating real food, not too much, mostly plants” (Michael Pollan). With all the diet fads that come and go, this is the strongest foundation I know. It’s important to me to meet people where they are, respect each person’s individuality, lifestyle, health picture, nutritional needs, level of interest in cooking, decision to eat what you so choose – and therefore do not subscribe to one particular diet for all.

I teach both omnivores and vegetarians alike.  We prioritize eating healing foods, i.e. organic, fresh, local whole foods as much as possible. For omnivores, the focus is on sustainable sources of animal-based protein, but with respect to the ecological impact of eating higher on the food chain and animal welfare. For all, we avoid/minimize known inflammatory, sugar-laden, packaged, processed food and drink “products” as our habit.

Finally, you learn, honor, and listen to your own body to determine what is right for you.

Also, no calorie counting or measuring here!

Contact Shelly for a free 15-min call. Provide your phone number and your availability and Shelly will coordinate a time to discuss your goals and needs; you can decide which service would be best for you and if Pure Roots is a good fit for your needs at this time. If we’re not the right place for you, we’ll do our best to refer you to someone else who might be.

Yes! While we do have private office space in Richmond, VA for one-on-one consults and hold consults outdoors at city parks April-October, video consults. For the foreseeable future, video is the only format right now (March 2020). The seasonally-guided 25-day Sugar Cleanses are all offered virtually, by webinar, email communications, and through a private Facebook group. Some Nutrition Talks and Workshops can be offered via webinar and depending on the class scope and location, Shelly will travel to deliver a talk in person.

Yes! As a small thank you to those that take care of us, it’s my pleasure to offer a little something back to full time first responders (EMS, fire, police) and small scale farmers. Please contact me and I’ll provide you with a discount code at checkout.

Pure Roots’ services are generally not covered under insurance plans, but some flexible spending/health savings plans may reimburse you. Contact your insurance company in advance to confirm.

I know that out-of-pocket health-related expenses add up. Group classes are offered to make this more affordable and accessible if a 1-1 Customized Nutrition package is not currently in your budget.

Discounts are always available for full-time fire, police, emergency medical professionals, and farmers.

Yes, yes, yes! Thank goodness for support. They are most welcome.

All offerings are pre-paid to secure your slot and can be done online with a credit or debit card using PayPal’s secure site. Cash or check is accepted by exception with prior approval. For nutrition talks and workshops for companies, payment is required within 15 days of class completion. For small groups/individual classes and workshops, payment is required 3 days prior to the class, unless otherwise discussed.

For cooking class cancellations under 72 hours, the full quoted price is charged + the cost of groceries already purchased. For cancellations greater than 72 hours, the amount paid to reserve can be refunded or credited towards a future class.

For all other services: Payments are required to be made online in order to secure your appointment time, unless otherwise agreed to in advance.

For 1-1 consults: rescheduling is permitted if notified by email or phone call 24+ hours of your appointment time; your payment can either be applied to a future appointment or will be refunded. If no show, cancel or reschedule under 24 hours, there is no refund and the full appointment fee is charged as that spot was held for you.

For talks, workshops, and classes: refunds are provided if a 72+ hour email or phone call notice is provided. If under 72 hours’ notice is given to cancel or reschedule, 50% of the funds can be returned to you or applied to a future class.

Pure Roots gives great care to your privacy and security. Simply put, your data is never shared and you are only signed up for our newsletters if you opt-into it. For example, attending a class with Pure Roots does not automatically opt you into the newsletter (effective July 2018).  For purposes of a general privacy policy, you can read all about that right here: Pure Roots’ Privacy Policy.

Any payments made online for Pure Roots’ services are made through PayPal’s secured platform. No personally identifiable information is otherwise asked for or stored on our website www.purerootsnutrition.com; for your own safety and security, please do not volunteer it in the contact form or otherwise, or know you do so at your own risk.

Pure Roots does not maintain hard copy records with your personally identifiable information. If you are a client of 1-1 nutrition services, your nutrition consult summary will have your name and email address, your personal health goals, and a summary of your session. This document is stored in the cloud (google drive) and for purposes of business, is not otherwise accessed by anyone other than Shelly Rose. A copy is emailed to you to the email address provided through the Pure Roots Nutrition email account and host company, iPage. Note that we also use SiteLock Securities’ web protection services so that our website is scanned daily for potential threats. You can always find the results of the latest scan at the bottom left hand corner of our website.

Absolutely. In fact, what I do best is help clients to implement the nutrition protocol provided by their physician. This is tremendously supportive to your physician’s healing plan for you and is therefore a wonderful complement. Note that I do not diagnose and my services should not be a substitution for care of a physician. Caring for certain diseases and conditions may be out of my scope, to which I’ll clearly communicate upfront and potentially be able to refer you to someone who is a better fit for your needs.

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