A Minimalist, Car Camping, Homestyle Dinner

//A Minimalist, Car Camping, Homestyle Dinner

A Minimalist, Car Camping, Homestyle Dinner

It’s hard to beat a delicious meal prepared over a glowing campfire after a full day of adventure in the Blue Ridge Mountains.

I’m not talking about hot dogs on a stick or a can of pop-top baked beans; but a wholesome, flavorful, well-spiced meal that helps make all things right in the world when it’s been cooked over a hand-built fire.

All of my best memories somehow involve eating outside, where food simply tastes better when kissed by the sun, under the peaceful glow of a starry sky, or eaten beside a softly crackling camp fire…


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Based in Richmond, Virginia, Shelly Rose is a Nutritionist and Natural Foods Chef. She founded Pure Roots Nutrition to fuel the lifestyles of outdoor adventurers and fitness enthusiasts. She's happiest when she's playing outside, eating outside, and napping in her hammock outside.