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Pure Roots Nutrition is designed to support active people (like you!), outdoor adventurers and fitness enthusiasts by teaching hands-on practical skills and the knowledge needed to cook real food, eat well, and live a life you love.

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Hello, from Shelly Rose

Nutrition Educator & Natural Foods Chef

Hi, I’m Shelly.

I founded Pure Roots Nutrition because I saw a world and web full of overwhelming nutrition information yet a growing number of people who weren’t sure how to actually translate that into healthy cooking and eating into a lifestyle they enjoyed.

I believe:

  • That fresh, organic, whole food is one of the best medicines for leading a vibrant life now and preventing disease down the road
  • That slowing down to savor and play in nature is equally as important as what is on your plate!
  • In supporting our local farmers and sustainable agriculture

I am here to help you:

  • Build confidence in the kitchen and on the trail
  • Stress less about what’s for dinner or in your travel pack
  • Know what is the best thing for YOU to eat (every body is different)
  • Eat and enjoy real, delicious food, to fuel your lifestyle
Meet Shelly

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Popular Questions

And answers.

Pure Roots is holistic and plant-centric. I believe in eating real food and that vegetables should be the true rock stars on our plates – those are the truths that withstand diet fads and the forever confusing and changing dietary guidance. I believe it’s important to respect each person’s individuality, lifestyle, health picture, nutritional needs, decision to eat what you so choose – and therefore do not subscribe to one particular diet for all.

I teach both omnivores and vegetarians alike.  The focus is then on eating whole, healing foods – unadulterated, organic, fresh, beaming with flavor and vitality, closest to the way nature made it, and buying local as much as possible. For omnivores, the focus is on sustainable sources of animal-based protein, but with respect to the ecological impact of eating higher on the food chain and animal welfare. I avoid known inflammatory, sugar-laden, packaged, processed food and drink “products” as our habit.

Finally, you learn, honor, and listen to your own body to determine what is right for you.

Also, no calorie counting or measuring here, either!

Contact Shelly for a free 10-min call to discuss which service would be best for you and if Pure Roots is a good fit for your needs at this time.

Yes! Most services offered can be done virtually, by webinar, phone call, email, and/or Facebook Private groups. If you’re local to Richmond, VA, it’s required the first meeting be in person. Some Nutrition Talks and Workshops can be offered via webinar or depending on the location, Shelly will travel to deliver a talk in person.

Yes! As a small thank you to those that take care of us, it’s my pleasure to offer a little something back to ensure our fire, police, emergency medical professionals, and active military or veterans are cared for in return. Please contact me and I’ll provide you with a discount code at checkout (for services that apply).

Pure Roots’ services are generally not covered under insurance plans, but some flexible spending/health savings plans may reimburse you. Contact your insurance company in advance to confirm.

I know that out-of-pocket health-related expenses add up. Group classes are offered to make this more affordable and accessible if a 1-1 Customized Nutrition package is not currently in your budget.

Discounts for fire, police, emergency medical professionals, and active military or veterans are also available.

Yes, yes, yes! Thank goodness for support. They are most welcome.

Absolutely. In fact, what I do best is help clients to implement the nutrition protocol they are given into a lifestyle. This is tremendously supportive to your physician’s healing plan for you and is therefore a wonderful complement. Note that I do not diagnose and my services should not be a substitution for care of a physician.

1-1 Customized Nutrition and Sugar Cleanses must be pre-paid to secure your slot and can be done online with a credit or debit card using PayPal’s secure site. Cash or check is accepted by exception with prior approval. For nutrition talks and workshops for companies, payment is required within 30 days of class completion. For small groups/individual classes and workshops, payment is required 3 days prior to the class, unless otherwise discussed.

For cooking class cancellations under 72 hours, the full quoted price is charged + the cost of groceries already purchased.

For all other services: Payments are required to be made online in order to secure your  appointment time, unless otherwise agreed to in advance.

Reschedule is permitted if notified by email or phone call 24+ hours of your appointment time; payment made will be applied to the rescheduled appointment. If no show, cancel or reschedule under 24 hours, there is no refund and the full appointment fee is charged as that spot was held for you.

“I can’t say enough great things about Shelly! We are so lucky to have her unique expertise as a whole foods nutritionist as well as a Chef. She has helped me personally as well as many of my patients with improving their nutrition in the most delicious ways.”
Kristin A., Andrs Wellness Consulting
“Shelly’s practical, down to earth approach to good nutrition makes her very relatable and easy to follow.”
Michele M., Apex Systems, Inc.
“Shelly taught with kindness, grace and a deep understanding of the need to connect with one’s nourishment. Some people simply teach, but Shelly teaches and imparts bringing about true change.”
Joni C.
“I never knew that healthy food can be soooo delicious!”
Iryna H.